Essential Information

Responsibility to the environment


As a company who benefits from a beautiful, clean and pure environment we have a duty of care for the countryside that we use.
We pledge to the following

  • Always to carry out our trash (bags will be provided)
  • Give information on disposing human waste and any food waste properly and safely (ideally there wont be any food waste as you should have eaten it all)
  • Leave what you find on the treks (please don't take any rocks or any souvenirs from our lovely highlands.)
  • Walk on established trails if available to avoid damaging vegetation.
  • We will mostly NOT be lighting camp fires, your stove will do all the cooking you need and is much cleaner. If we do we will make it look like we were never there.
  • At all times we will respect nature, wildlife and farm animals.
  • Always be considerate of local communities and others who are enjoying the outdoors.

We also Pledge

  • To plant trees to reduce carbon emissions emitted from our vehicles.
  • To use mostly vegetarian food in our menu to reduce meat consumption carbon emissions, water and land use, antibiotics, cancer and the mistreatment of animals.
  • To try whenever we can to use sustainable products.