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Knoydart - Adventure to the most remote pub in the UK

Duration - Five Days

Cost - £400

The Knoydart Peninsula is one of my all time favourite places in Scotland. Due mainly to its remote wildness which you can feel vibrating through the rock and soil and echoing across the wide glens and up into the shrouded mountains standing proud above.
It is a haunting place where in the past small settlements thrived and which have now only old ruins to show, Red deer run fast and free across the high ground looking down upon you from their heathery vantage points.
My Trek starts at the Glenfinnan Viaduct (better known as the Harry Potter bridge) and cuts deep into the wild of Knoydart passing through mighty glens, dark forests. You will hike next to pure fast flowing rivers and sit by the empty beaches of loch Nevis, then of course we have 3 mountain passes to negotiate which is a challenge in itself.
Best of all though is after 3 days of hard trekking we get to the beautiful village of Inverie, tucked away from the world, only accessible by boat or the long walk in. There we can congratulate ourselves on a great mission and enjoy a pint (or dram) from the local Pub the Old Forge Inn (most remote in Britain)

Knoydart - adventure to the most remote Pub in the uk + Walk through Skye

Trip duration - 8 days

Cost £600

What a great idea to combine two fantastic and very different treks. Firstly the rugged, empty beauty of the Knoydart peninsula and secondly the epic vastness of the Isle of Skye and its mountains (The Cuillins.)
Knoydart captures the imagination with its haunting glens and solitary peaks hidden from the everyday world. Spend three days walking through ancient forests, pure mountain rivers, behold mighty lochs and intimidating mountains looming above. To cap it all off walk into the little village of inverie accessible only by boat or by the long walk in and have a well deserved beer (or dram) at the most remote pub in the UK, The Old Forge Inn.
Skye cant help but impress even the most sceptical among us. The mighty Black Cuillin sits proud above as you start the walk into the impressive Glen Sligachan. One cant help but have a great feeling of awe upon entering the relm of the Cuillins and (for me anyway) the feeling never seems to go.
Spend 2 days trekking into the most awe inspiring parts of Skye, wild camp next to a hidden bay where seals are curious enough to come in and say hi. There literally is no place like it.

Hiking in the Highlands, Treks in Scotland, Tours Around the Highlands

Ben Nevis

Duration - 2 days

cost - £150

The 'Ben' is the highest mountain in Scotland and the UK rising to an impressive 1345m above sea level.
She sits proud above the lively town of Fort William in Lochaber and dominates the skyline when not shrouded by its usual crown of clouds.
Ben Nevis has an interesting history including being a victorian tourist destination with a hotel on the summit.
Today only ruins remain of the hotel but people from around the world still come most days to hike up and stand on the the highest part of the British isles.

The Ben Nevis tour will pick you up from Edinburgh or Glasgow and whisk you up to the highlands where we will have an introductory hike up the lost valley in Glen Coe. (Usually 2-3 hours )
We will then proceed to a camping site just below the mighty Ben, where we will eat heartily and then get a good rest before our big day.
On day two you will hike up the challenging 1345m over 17km (not so easy)
If we are lucky we might get a good view from the top too.

Sadly we cannot guarantee that the summit will be reached due to weather, conditions or fitness.
However we will make sure that we do everything possible to make you have a great experience.
If the weather looks very bad before we leave Edinburgh or Glasgow we are happy to reschedule you on a later trip or refund you.

Highland Challenge

Why not experience Scotland the way it was meant to be by visiting its largest and certainly its most wild national park.
Imagine walking for days with a pack on your back, through high sided valleys carved out by ancient glaciers, following tracks steeped in history and breathing in some of the freshest air imaginable.
On the way you will take in stunning views that will literally stop you in your tracks. The days can be quite long here so you will need to be up for a challenge that is rewarded by that feeling only an expedition can give you.
Are you up for an adventure?

Hiking in the Highlands, Treks in Scotland, Tours Around the Highlands