Hard ice 1 pre course

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Glacier guiding

Glacier guiding is an excellent industry to pursue for those interested in the outdoor industry or looking to develop their skills as a guide.
It offers the opportunity to work in one of the most beautiful offices in the world, surrounded by stunning landscapes and unique geological formations.
The workplace can be sociable and vibrant, with the chance to meet new people and work in a team.
However, before becoming a glacier guide, one must pass the Jökla 1 assessment, which requires prior outdoor experience and a general understanding of climbing gear to as a prerequisite. With our pre course you will be sure to have the skills and knowledge to be able to attend the Jökla 1 course.
With dedication and hard work, the rewards of becoming a glacier guide are endless, making it a fulfilling and exciting career choice.

The Course Objectives

The participants of this course will acquire an understanding of the fundamental ropework, become familiar with the commonly used gear for glacier travel, and develop a basic comprehension of how glaciers function. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the necessary knowledge to attend the AIMG Jökla 1 assessment course.

Course topics

- Rudimentary glaciology.
- Common glacier equipment.
- Common knots.
- Crampon techniques.
- Anchor building on ice.
- Descending and ascending a rope.
- Pulley systems.
- Crevasse rescue.
- Setting up a top rope for ice climbing.
- Basic ice climbing technique.

Please note: Although this is an entry-level course, it is intended for individuals who plan to advance into the guiding field. Thus, prior experience in outdoor activities is highly recommended. This course does not provide any certification, but it establishes a solid foundation for courses such as the AIMG Jökla 1.

To participate in this course, individuals must have previous outdoor experience and a general understanding of climbing gear. The instructors will provide personalized feedback to each participant to help them progress towards becoming a glacier guide. Upon completion, participants can apply for the "Hard Ice 1 guide course" (jokla 1). A gear list is provided, and each participant is responsible for their own accommodation and transportation. Indoor sessions may be available in the event of extreme weather conditions.

The course requires a minimum of three and a maximum of eight students.
Cost 75,000isk 3 participants minimum
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Hard ice 1 pre course