Multi-pitch sport climbing - course

Intro to Multi-pitch sport climbing course - 7 days

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The Iberian peninsula really has everything you can ask for. It is steeped in history, dripping with culture, a foodies dream and a wine connoisseurs idea of heaven. For a rock climber it offers arguably some of the best rock climbing in the world with ample sunshine that can be enjoyed year round, It is the Mecca of sport climbing in Europe.

El Chorro

El Chorro is a series of gigantic limestone cliffs nestled into the Andalucian countryside, situated 50km from Malaga airport. It became famous because of the Camino del rey (kings pathway) a high exposed walk through a gorge close to the climbing area. For that reason, there is great access to the routes and also plenty of accommodation around.
El Chorro boasts a huge amount (over 800) of world class multi pitch rock routes to suit all abilities and it was actually the first place in spain to be bolted so has a great history of climbing.
It is so large and good in fact that rock fax have a whole book on that one area.
El chorro has a plethora of climbing styles from easy angled slabs, steep walls to tufa's and cracks. All these routes are safely bolted.
This place really comes into its own in the winter months where it is still nice and warm and also has very settled weather.
For all of these reasons we have chosen El Chorro as the ideal venue for this course.

Our aim

It's not always easy to progress with your climbing into new realms, it can be quite overwhelming actually, especially given the consequences of poor decision making or bad practice.
This course has been designed specifically to target people who can climb at the crag but would like to move up to that next level in a safe and encouraging environment. This will set you up well for further advances in your climbing to Trad and beyond.
We will take you through all of the correct procedures and techniques in the sphere of multi pitch sport and also a solid basis in improvised rescue which will give you all the tools necessary for you to deal with any potential problems within the sport climbing realm and leave you feeling confident exploring multi pitch sport areas around the world.

Multi-pitch sport climbing - course


Day 1
Pick up from El Chorro.
Review of basic skills
Single pitch climbing

Day 2
Guided Multi pitch 6 - 10 pitches. students get to see how a guided day is run.

Day 3
Lead climbing review
Cleaning Anchors and cleaning a belay
Counterbalance rappel
How to break an ATC and lower safley.
Small, 2 Pitch Routes

Day 4
Multi pitch 6 - 10 pitches, students start to take more of an active role.

Day 5
Problem solving day

Day 6
Student leads/guides multi pitch 6 - 10 pitches at their grade.

Day 7
Review of skills
De brief
Lift to the airport

Multi-pitch sport climbing - course

Multi Pitch Climbing course in El Chorro (Spain)
As a total amateur of rope knowledge or any climbing knowledge I have signed up for this 10 days course. I was afraid that I might be the weakest one with no knowledge but turned really great. At the end of the course I was able to lead 2 persons on a multi pitch climb (4-5A). This all was thanks to a great treachers Dan and Chris, their vast knowledge and client approach allowed me to remember even more than basics, and so they patience paid off. We were staying in a lovely acommodation that was also already set up for us lots of training outside and also lots of usefull rope and rescue techniques. There was no point during the whole training where I was not feeling safe. Highly recommend to any one both experience climbers who would like to expend their knowledge but also people who were thinking of climbing but are a bit afraid, well I was afraid as well and now all I think about is finiding some spots wehere I could practice my skills :)

Robert Konopka, Tripadvisor

Multi-pitch climbing course in a stunning setting with fantastic instructors
I went on a 10-day multi-pitch climbing course in El Chorro, Spain with Dan and Chris. The whole course was phenomenal! It was fun and a perfect challenging from beginning to end. At the beginning of the course, I was a total newbie to climbing and thought I was afraid of heights. By day seven, I climbed a 250m cliff on a route called Lluvia del Asteroides (in the photo). I never thought I would climb something like that, let alone have fun doing it.
In terms of both safety and feeling safe, which were big things for me, the course was exceptional. By building up the climbs gradually and learning solid rope skills together, we developed a lot of trust amongst the group so that when it came to the more exposed climbs later in the course, we had a strong foundation and confidence in ourselves and each other.
The course was comprehensive and built up methodically. Top roping gave way to lead climbing as the course went on, and we developed the skills and confidence to tackle tougher routes. As a glacier guide and training for the search and rescue team in Iceland, I had learnt rope skills in different environments but often it felt like was learning specific skills by rote. On the course, I felt this shift so that I could start to think through technical problems and solve problems.
The course unlocked climbing for me. A wonderful introduction to the joys of multi-pitch climbing in a sunning setting with an excellent crew. I couldn't recommend it more highly to anyone interested in wanting to become a better climber, or anyone just wanting to have a super fun 10 days. Can't wait to get out and climb some more!

Steph Matti, Tripadvisor


Pick up and drop from El Chorro
Accommodation and food for the duration of the course
Guide/instructor ratio of 1:2

Not included

Alcohol or any restaurant meals


A full equipment and prerequisite list can be provided upon request.
Trips will run in the winter months from November to March.
Please contact us for more information Contact

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